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The Borrett Animal Hospital was a unique build for Furst Construction. The exterior of the building includes a pole barn design. Rooms were built large enough to treat horses and also included smaller rooms to treat animals such as dogs and cats. Furst also built 3 stalls inside the building that were used for birthing horses. Cameras were installed inside the stalls for monitoring activity and high powered heat lamps were placed inside to keep the foals warm after birth. A shelf was also built in these stalls with special outlets that would allow the vet to perform x-rays as well.

Furst anchored hitching posts outside for horses and fences were installed to create an exercise yard for the smaller animals. The building also features a special shelf in the waiting room for a 50 gallon aquarium for fish and other aquatic creatures. The building includes a total of 18 rooms: isolation rooms for sick animals, x-ray rooms, a pharmacy, 1 holding room each for small animals, 3 surgery tables in 3 separate rooms, 6 patient exam rooms and the other rooms that were dedicated for larger animals.



Katherine Borrett
Marriott-Slaterville, UT
5,124 SF


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