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One Building at a Time

Furst Construction delivers buildings for less money, in less time, with less risk because we have been in construction for nearly a half century. Here are just a few highlights from that time.
Our Values

Quality, Motivation, Service

In order to deliver the best building experience imaginable we challenge each team member to:

Build the Job Right

Every detail should reflect professional workmanship. We never cut corners.

Be Self Motivated

Stay focused and productive with the task at hand. Be go getters.

Be a Team Player

Have a good attitude and be willing to step in to help out. The greater good always comes first.

Rock N' Roll

Get the job done, have fun, and play hard. The well-being of people matters.

Our Values at Work

Our Team

Experienced and Dependable

Chris Furstenau
As Principal of Furst Construction, Chris Furstenau is a connector of people, vision and needs. Chris brings an enhanced knowledge of estimating, managing, building and problem solving. Chris takes pride in coaching clients through each phase of the construction process. 5 years in the field + 8 years in the office + a degree in Business Management from UVU = 1 knowledgeable, refined and dedicated team leader. His love of people and relationships blends seamlessly with his ability to continuously provide quality experiences for our clients. His promise of absolute satisfaction is delivered with frank sincerity and a firm handshake. When he isn’t at work, he will usually be found on his road bike or his skis, depending on the season.
Trish Harris
As Administrative Director Trish Harris is an indispensable part of the company and its operations. Trish tends to the finer details that allow us to operate at such a high frequency. Organization, precision and deliberation are a small sampling of the attributes that make her who she is. Trish delights in her administrative duties. Her professionalism and attention to detail routinely set the pace for the office and accurately reflect Furst Construction, our service, our commitment to our clients and our standing in the community.
J.R. Evans
Director of Construction/Project Manager
As Project Manager and Estimator, J.R. Evans lives each day with a single objective in mind, “do whatever it takes to ensure that Furst Construction excels.” J.R. is no stranger to the construction process and its many phases. He has worked in most corners of the construction industry and backs his knowledge with 28 years of professional experience. J.R. exceeds all expectations in the field and in the office. Furst Construction has a reputation of accurate estimates and finishing under budget. Working with clients, superintendents and subcontractors comes just as naturally for J.R. as fishing or hunting with his family, because constructing is what he loves to do. His caring service to our clients is reflected in the way he fulfills his duties on every project.
Lee Christiansen
Senior Project Manager
Jeremy Evans
Project Manager
Patrick Cunningham
Pre-construction Manager
Emma Lewis
Project Manager Assistant
As Administrative Assistant, Emma Lewis provides balance and tranquility to the Furst Construction office. Emma works the company’s admin like a Zen Buddhist works a rock garden. With over 16 years of experience in construction administration, she delivers solutions and results in impeccable harmony. Her professional character and perfect example of quiet dignity are essential ingredients for the success of Furst Construction. Emma is a professional in every sense of the word, wiith 27 years in the admin business and ten of those years in construction admin, Emma continues to prove herself day-in and day-out.
Alex Anthony
Chief Estimator
Alex Anthony is a Utah native who enjoys spending time outdoors enjoying activities such as camping, mountain biking, paddle boarding, and hiking with his family and friends. He enjoys going to Ute Football games and Jazz games in his free time as well. If he isn't around the house doing chores on the weekend, you will find him in the surrounding Utah mountains. Alex is our lead estimator at Furst Construction with 10+ years experience in commercial construction with a primary focus on industrial, retail, and multi family. He prides himself with providing our clients with complete competitive pricing while aligning with the clients design intent and restraints.
Liz Olmedo
Assistant – Estimator/Project Manager
As our current Assistant to Project manager and Estimator, Liz Olmedo is the epitome of administrative know-how, and displays an impressive knowledge of all construction processes. Having worked with Furst Construction for 26 years, Liz has earned high praise for her diligence, ambition and loyalty. Liz has perfected her own style of successfully accomplishing her responsibilities for Furst by moving projects along with precision and momentum. Her devotion to the success of the company is evident in her demeanor. Whether she is at work or at home with her family, Liz leads with graceful accuracy and sincerity.
Vickie Rupp
Accounts Payable/Receivable
As accounts payable/accounts receivable, Vickie ensures that not a single accounting detail slips through the proverbial cracks. Her attention is given to every number, comma and decimal that slides across her desk. Her ability to dot the “I”s, cross the “T”s and close out invoices has become second nature. Although her skills are required on all accounts, she lends herself to client services like a 5 star concierge. Whether you are a longtime friend or a complete stranger, you are bound to be greeted by Vickie with a comforting smile and a feeling of belonging.
Natalie Ferguson
Administrative Assistant
Natalie Ferguson was born and raised in Utah. She has a love of sports, especially football and is an avid Kansas City Chiefs fan and Ute fan. Natalie was part of the Track Team, Gymnastics Team and a Cheerleader during her school years. Natalie began in the construction industry as co-owner of a demolition company which was established in Portland, Oregon in 1991. In 1994 Natalie moved back to her home state where she continued her demolition business. Natalie resigned from her demolition business in 2002. Natalie attended Clackamas Community College in Oregon City, Oregon with a Associates Degree in Business Management and Accounting. Natalie has worked for Furst Construction, first as a subcontractor and joined the Furst Construction Team in 2021 as an Administrative Assistant. Natalie enjoys time with her children and grandchildren. Natalie has a passion for gardening and finds serenity tending her garden. Natalie has a love of music of all genres and is a big movie buff.

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